Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Going From History to Destiny

Isaiah 46:10 – Rev. Maurice Porter ___God gave us the ability to look at a tree and see a table or chair __Don’t waste your time in this world of trees praying for a table or chair….You will eventually get frustrated with God because you never tapped into the fact that God gave you the ability to make happen what you’ve been praying for

I’m Ready For My Reward

Hebrews 11:6 ____People usually compliment you on what you have not what you are – Never confuse what you have with who you are…You can lose what you have and forget who you are __It’s impossible to be pleasing in God’s eyes when you are wondering how things are going to work out – God doesn’t deal with people who have a question mark…

The Gift of Today

___You can’t let people, places or things determine how your day is going to go ___Why waste the day worried about the day or tomorrow when God is blessing you RIGHT NOW in this moment ___God says he has given you another day to see yourself the way he made you

When the Truth Isn’t Good Enough

Joshua 2:3-5 __What do you do when the truth is not good enough? …Look beyond the truth that you can’t tell and look to the truth that always is – The truth of Jesus Christ will always be enough to cover what you can’t tell ___When we lie Jesus steps up as the truth to be what we cannot be… – God says when you can’t tell the truth…

God May Have Other Plans

2 Kings 5:1,9-14 ___You may not know all the steps but know God is still in it – God says if you trust me I’ll work it out ___It’s a terrible thing when you are so stuck on your plan that you can’t see the things God has for you __God never stops talking…We just stop listening

You’ve Got What It Takes

Genesis 30:22 (message version) ___Doors on earth are not indicative of Windows in heaven…..When God opens a window in heaven it’s because the doors on earth have remained closed – (ie: you didn’t have the right degree but you got the job anyway) ___God said write down what I showed you in your heart because there’s something about seeing…

A Dysfunctional Future

Judges 11:30-40 (nkjv) Rev. Maurice S. Porter, I ____If your sacrifice is only about what you get back…You haven’t made a sacrifice at all..a sacrifice is about who you’re willing to lean and watch do better than you ____Thank God that you did something for someone else that no one did for you and enjoy the fact that their life will be better than yours