Give Mobile

Give Mobile


Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

Go to your mobile app store to search and download Givelify Mobile Giving App.

How to Get Started:

  1. Once downloaded, open the Givelify app on your phone.
  2. Tap Sign up, then tap Sign Me Up by E-Mail [enter your name, email and choose a password].
  3. To find Shiloh, tap Search in the top options.
    Find: name of your organization [enter Shiloh].
    Near: City, State, Zip [enter Hartford, CT].
  4. Once you find and select Shiloh, Hartford, tap Make Home Church for easy giving next time.

Shiloh’s Givelify mobile app is setup just like our offering envelope. To give, just follow the prompts to enter in your donation, credit/debit card info and you’re done!

Once you enter your credit/debit card info one time, you will not need to enter it again if you would like to use that same card info. Tap My Wallet to view your card(s) on file. Tap My Giving History for a view of your giving transactions throughout the year.

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