I Want That Power

I Want That Power

2nd Timothy 1:7 || Acts 1:8

I…..God has not given us a spirit of FEAR
_______If you are a believer and afraid…You are in violation of your faith
_______Where FEAR is FAITH can’t exist
***What are you so afraid of???

II….God gives us a spirit of power
_____Since God gives you POWER you should be ashamed of yourself
when life confronts you with FEAR and you don’t lean on God’s POWER

III…..Whatever your fear is…You have to face it!
______No weapon formed against you shall prosper
______Just because you are facing the weapon of your enemy…God will make
it so it won’t work against you!

IV…..God says…Handle the issues in front of you….And he will give
you the strength to stand on whatever is holding you back!!