Bring Your Own Fruit: The Gift of Knowledge

Bring Your Own Fruit: The Gift of Knowledge

I….The gift of knowledge is when God gives you the ability to know details of
situations you didn’t witness
______To protect us and guide us from the evil that people do

II…God can’t deliver us from what we won’t face
______God will put it in the preachers sermon so you know he is talking directly to you
______When God is talking to you about you that means he is ready to change you

III…Be careful who you let speak into your life
______Anybody that will entertain foolishness and gossip with you will
do it with someone else about you

IV…Beware of the person that talks the most about another
person’s issue…Because they are the main person with that same issue

V…The bible is a mirror….The more you read it….The more it shows you who you are