Sermons from December 2017

Sermons from December 2017

I’m Ready For My Reward

Hebrews 11:6 ____People usually compliment you on what you have not what you are – Never confuse what you have with who you are…You can lose what you have and forget who you are __It’s impossible to be pleasing in God’s eyes when you are wondering how things are going to work out – God doesn’t deal with people who have a question mark…

The Gift of Today

___You can’t let people, places or things determine how your day is going to go ___Why waste the day worried about the day or tomorrow when God is blessing you RIGHT NOW in this moment ___God says he has given you another day to see yourself the way he made you

When the Truth Isn’t Good Enough

Joshua 2:3-5 __What do you do when the truth is not good enough? …Look beyond the truth that you can’t tell and look to the truth that always is – The truth of Jesus Christ will always be enough to cover what you can’t tell ___When we lie Jesus steps up as the truth to be what we cannot be… – God says when you can’t tell the truth…