Sermons on Worship

Sermons on Worship

God Speaks Your Language

Exodus 3: 13-15 (NKJV) ___You can come to God with your groans because if you have a relationship with God he knows your language and can answer your prayer ___ You can pray with your tears and God says I can work it…. GOD SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE!! ____You limit your communication with God if you think words are the only way to talk to God

The Faith to Fall

SERMON: The Faith to Fall” Matthew 14:30 – Pastor Maurice Porter “You can never stop moving in life because you feel like it’s late…Never be defined by your decisions you made yesterday if God blessed you with today” ================================= ((Don’t forget to join us on the Prayer Line every Tuesday 6:30 AM)) –…

Worship Done Well

Nehemiah 8:4 “Jesus says ‘our relationship can’t be private’. Your relationship with God shouldn’t be a private affair. If you are a Christian when people walk in your house they ought to feel the presence of God.”

I’m Ready To Change

Mark 14:51, 16:5-7 I…..Many of us didn’t start following Jesus ‘immediately’..We started following Jesus ‘eventually’ II….Some things will happen to us in life that will make us run off in any kind of condition ____When that happens we need to run straight to Jesus even if we have to come in the worst presentable situation…

Backwards But Beautiful

Matthew 21:1 I….We all have something about us that we can’t tell anybody…and if God didn’t already know…we wouldn’t tell him either ___BUT GOD has a way of making us look good even when we are full of mess and have a lot of issues (“Backwards But Beautiful”) II…God said he wouldn’t let our issues get Out because…

Just Enough To Be Broke

1 Kings 17:8 I…..80% of the population spends one check already knowing what the next check will be spent on (living on a check-to-check basis) _____GOD says don’t worry about tomorrow…If you have what you need to make it through today….Tell God THANK YOU!! II…..Most of us are living our lives with just enough to be broke/just enough to need…