Sermons on Sacrifice

Sermons on Sacrifice

A Dysfunctional Future

Judges 11:30-40 (nkjv) Rev. Maurice S. Porter, I ____If your sacrifice is only about what you get back…You haven’t made a sacrifice at all..a sacrifice is about who you’re willing to lean and watch do better than you ____Thank God that you did something for someone else that no one did for you and enjoy the fact that their life will be better than yours

When You’ve Done All You Can

Isaiah 40:28-31 I….Waiting is an act of faith ____When God has given you a vision and plan….NEVER settle for plan B when God gave you a vision for plan A ____Wait on God and watch his plan for your life work out! II….When God tells you to be something…The worst thing we do is tell others and look for others to verify what God has already confirmed…

I’ve Got To Pay God Back

2 Samuel 24:24-25 I……There is a difference between an inconvenience and a sacrifice ______We need to sacrifice something we love a lot for the God we love the most II…..We need to give up something we don’t want to give up as a physical act of prayer, to say God I want more of you. III…..There are some things that are sitting right in front…