Sermons on Perspective

Sermons on Perspective

God May Have Other Plans

2 Kings 5:1,9-14 ___You may not know all the steps but know God is still in it – God says if you trust me I’ll work it out ___It’s a terrible thing when you are so stuck on your plan that you can’t see the things God has for you __God never stops talking…We just stop listening

You’ve Got What It Takes

Genesis 30:22 (message version) ___Doors on earth are not indicative of Windows in heaven…..When God opens a window in heaven it’s because the doors on earth have remained closed – (ie: you didn’t have the right degree but you got the job anyway) ___God said write down what I showed you in your heart because there’s something about seeing…

Star Wars

Isaiah 14:12-15 (nkjv) ___God says two heads make a monster so you both can’t be in charge of your life ___Satan will keep showing us things in life that aren’t for us and we end up getting frustrated because we think what we want isn’t happening on our time ____God says abandon your will and submit to mine

God Speaks Your Language

Exodus 3: 13-15 (NKJV) ___You can come to God with your groans because if you have a relationship with God he knows your language and can answer your prayer ___ You can pray with your tears and God says I can work it…. GOD SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE!! ____You limit your communication with God if you think words are the only way to talk to God

It’s Time to Engage

Acts 17:16-17 _____”Everything that everyone of us needs in this place, is in this room. Paul said you never know if you don’t engage one another.” _____”Every Christian should get to the point where they can write their own gospel. Write it to the heart of the people who do not know who Jesus is.”

The Battle of Perspective

Matthew 13:24-30 In this scripture, Jesus teaches a lesson about giving up too soon. It is His way of asserting that you don’t have to die to get to heaven. He explains to them what heaven is like so they can practice now and know how heaven will be when they get there. The kingdom of heaven is like a man who plants wheat in the field and, at night, the enemy comes…