Sermons by Maurice Porter (Page 2)

Sermons by Maurice Porter (Page 2)

Star Wars

Isaiah 14:12-15 (nkjv) ___God says two heads make a monster so you both can’t be in charge of your life ___Satan will keep showing us things in life that aren’t for us and we end up getting frustrated because we think what we want isn’t happening on our time ____God says abandon your will and submit to mine

God Speaks Your Language

Exodus 3: 13-15 (NKJV) ___You can come to God with your groans because if you have a relationship with God he knows your language and can answer your prayer ___ You can pray with your tears and God says I can work it…. GOD SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE!! ____You limit your communication with God if you think words are the only way to talk to God

Opportunity in Darkness

Genesis 1:1 __God is not intimidated by darkness ___No matter how dark your life seems God is saying never be afraid of a dark situation because you serve a God that can make anything out of nothing ___No matter how strong your problem seems to you… God can walk on it just like he walked on water (the water represented something that people thought was stronger than…

Fighting for Rain

Zechariah 10:5 – Pastor Maurice S. Porter ____There’s some things in life you have to fight for and you should not coward down just because you’ll get bruised _____Anything worth praying for is worth fighting for ~If you run from opposition you’ll miss your blessing

It’s Time to Engage

Acts 17:16-17 _____”Everything that everyone of us needs in this place, is in this room. Paul said you never know if you don’t engage one another.” _____”Every Christian should get to the point where they can write their own gospel. Write it to the heart of the people who do not know who Jesus is.”

The Faith to Fall

SERMON: The Faith to Fall” Matthew 14:30 – Pastor Maurice Porter “You can never stop moving in life because you feel like it’s late…Never be defined by your decisions you made yesterday if God blessed you with today” ================================= ((Don’t forget to join us on the Prayer Line every Tuesday 6:30 AM)) –…