Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah

Going From History to Destiny

Isaiah 46:10 – Rev. Maurice Porter ___God gave us the ability to look at a tree and see a table or chair __Don’t waste your time in this world of trees praying for a table or chair….You will eventually get frustrated with God because you never tapped into the fact that God gave you the ability to make happen what you’ve been praying for

Star Wars

Isaiah 14:12-15 (nkjv) ___God says two heads make a monster so you both can’t be in charge of your life ___Satan will keep showing us things in life that aren’t for us and we end up getting frustrated because we think what we want isn’t happening on our time ____God says abandon your will and submit to mine

When You’ve Done All You Can

Isaiah 40:28-31 I….Waiting is an act of faith ____When God has given you a vision and plan….NEVER settle for plan B when God gave you a vision for plan A ____Wait on God and watch his plan for your life work out! II….When God tells you to be something…The worst thing we do is tell others and look for others to verify what God has already confirmed…

You Are Better Than That Bed

You Are Better Than That Bed Isaiah 28:20 We often find ourselves in situations we’ve settled for that don’t fit us. If it wasn’t made for you it will NEVER fit you! (i.e.: relationships that don’t fit, jobs that don’t fit etc.) Beds are designed for the same thing. But it’s suited for different people. Not every bed you sleep in will…