Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

It’s Time to Engage

Acts 17:16-17 _____”Everything that everyone of us needs in this place, is in this room. Paul said you never know if you don’t engage one another.” _____”Every Christian should get to the point where they can write their own gospel. Write it to the heart of the people who do not know who Jesus is.”

I Want That Power

2nd Timothy 1:7 || Acts 1:8 I…..God has not given us a spirit of FEAR _______If you are a believer and afraid…You are in violation of your faith _______Where FEAR is FAITH can’t exist ***What are you so afraid of??? II….God gives us a spirit of power _____Since God gives you POWER you should be ashamed of yourself when life confronts you with FEAR…

When The Church Protests

Matthew 28:18 & Acts 12:5 I…..In the wake of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in NY……People ask whether protests even work anymore? ____Nothing will change just because people get emotional……Authentic protest still matters…..Rioting is not authentic protest! II…..What does it mean when a Christian protests?…

Wake Up

Wake Up Acts 20:7-12 The 3 Types of Church Sleep: I’m reading my bible sleep I worked last night and you better be grateful I’m even here sleep I’m trying to be interested but I’m just not interested sleep Stop focusing on the people falling asleep in the church and start focusing on why the church is putting people to sleep. If the church has…