Sermon Archive (Page 2)

Sermon Archive (Page 2)

I’m Running For a Reason

“I’m Running for a Reason” Luke 15 :20 – Maurice S. Porter (The story of the prodigal son) _____When you see someone in trouble run to them. ..because anybody worth running to is worth worth walking with _____You have to have the patience to be by their side as they change and make their way back to safety

Worship Done Well

Nehemiah 8:4 “Jesus says ‘our relationship can’t be private’. Your relationship with God shouldn’t be a private affair. If you are a Christian when people walk in your house they ought to feel the presence of God.”

Even That

Luke 1:37 “What you can’t physically touch or see is still yours if you have the faith to work for it….Don’t celebrate something AFTER you get it…Celebrate BEFORE you get it…Because by Faith it is already yours”